Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animation Work in Progress, (on Stepped mode aka Keys or something)

This was a clip I was working on earlier this year, I shorten the clip, and I kept everything placed
stepped. The ending got changed a bit because I wanted to give more time to her feeling of disbelief and shock.
But I think it would be  funnier if I had her grab the television in she excitement.  I have a different ending with her grabbing the television while the clip cuts at the word  "buzzer."  Thanks for Checking it out, Be blessed 


Change of Emotion Version 1 (WIP Stepped mode)


Heres the second version. I think I the squeeze another TV swing at the end, 
I would still need to put more Stepped inbetweens. 

Change of Emotion Version 2 (WIP Stepped mode)